Thursday, November 04, 2010

Change of Pace

I recently had a request from someone at a board that I frequent on Sensory Processing Disorder to write a guest blog about being an SPD parent of an average-senses child (the board is called SPD International, check it out!). I haven't really talked about having SPD on this blog, primarily because I haven't exactly known about it for very long, and I suppose you could say I haven't "come out" about it to many people. Well, it's not really something that makes a huge difference to most of the people I know, you know? But the more people there are that have children who live in various parts of the autism spectrum, I think there is more of a dialogue about people who deal with sensory issues like mine, more or less. So, I was honored to be a guest at Living with Logan, a really lovely blog about a mother dealing with different issues her two year old twin son Logan has. I'm not the only guest there; she has had several guest blogs that are really moving and interesting, so, in addition to her own humorous, informative blogging, she also has all these other voices adding to the dialogue. Seriously, if you are interested in children with special needs, are a parent, or just want a laugh at the way life is, I think you'd enjoy visiting.

In addition to having featured a post that I wrote, she sent an award to me and some other contributors. So, I have an award! (blush)


This is definitely something I'll be proud to share.

In other news, I'm currently busy trying to figure out Christmas for the various people in my life, while frantically trying to finish up last minute stuff for Joe's birthday party. Yes, my little munchkin is going to be two next week. Eek! We're having his birthday at the park again, only this time, we're cooking burgers and hot dogs for the various folks in addition to the cake. Oh, and Aunt Jo is making a "surprise" birthday cake. She hasn't gotten to make a kid cake in years, so she's really excited to get a chance to do something cool. I don't even know what it's going to be, so I can't wait! We're getting Joe a big plastic digital camera so he can stop trying to steal Mommy's (shh, it's a surprise! lol).

I haven't felt so well lately, so I haven't done a lot of scrapping. What I have done, though, is all in the gallery over at The Digi Scrappers. I have a few cute things in there right now. ☺ Of course, they're all under mawkinberd's gallery. And if you haven't visited the forum yet, you're missing out. We have some fantastic information, including lists of places to get freebies and a list of current digiscrapping stores. Besides that, the people are nice. ☺

Alright, I'll stop bending your ear. Stay warm in this cool weather, mes cheris!


frazzledmomma said...

You brought me to tears. All My Best to you, m'dear! "frazzledmomma"

Designs By Kelin said...

You are SO awesome! We at The Digi Scrappers are so happy you are part of the site. Big hug lady!