Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Been awhile

I know it's been a while since I've communicated on my blog, and for that, I must apologize. Truly, getting used to the way things are changing in my life right now has been a full-time job in itself, not to mention going on vacation and dealing with my husband and son. Plus, I've made finding help for myself a real priority lately, especially now since I have a better idea of what I'm facing. So here's the recent lowdown, for anyone who would like to know.

First, my greatest concern at this moment is my wonderful friend and godmother to my son, Jo Ann. She is facing a partial hysterectomy today. I doubt she's out of surgery yet, but I'm sure they're pretty close to done. Please keep her trials and upcoming recovery in your thoughts, if you are so inclined. It would mean a great deal to me.

Second, I did survive the Creekmore family reunion. :D Actually, we all had a blast. There are always minor bumps when it comes to that trip, but we weren't even closely related to the major family drama of this year, which included a bitter ex-wife with a restraining order coming to cause trouble. Luckily, the police could take care of that, so I feel like we got off rather lightly. This time. :P

Third, I have started using the FLY Lady method of home blessing as my template for getting my home under control. I've only been a FLY baby for a couple weeks, and I've only really been FLYing for a few days. But I feel like things are coming together miraculously. Do I still have dirt on my floor? Yes. Do I still have CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? A definite yes. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And for anyone who really knows me, you know what a miracle THAT is. lol

Fourth but not least, I am getting edumucated on SPD far more than I had envisioned. I believe I mentioned before reading about it. Well, reading someone else's book and getting to ask your own questions are two completely different worlds. I would like to thank Dan (aka D1g1t) for starting up the boards at SPD International. I started posting there a couple days ago, and already I feel validation and hope about issues that have plagued me my whole life that I never before felt or even dreamed. Have you ever held your fist so tightly that it shakes, and you feel such exhaustion and relief when you let it go? I feel like I've been holding that fist my whole life, and the letting go I'm getting now is indescribable. (If you're actually curious about SPD and sensory defensiveness, his web page also has a wiki called the Sensopedia that has some basic descriptions that are clear and concise.)

As for other stuff, I finally broke my scrapping anorexia and joined in a Speed Scrap at My Life and Scrap, courtesy of my friend Jac. I'd post the pic here, but I haven't put it on Flickr yet, and I'm not a bandwidth thief. If you're interested, though, the page is here.

Thanks so much, everyone, for all your support. It really does mean a lot to me. I promise to keep up with my "me" time better from now on, including my blogging. ;) Dasvedanya, krasivi!