Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Veiling the Bride

Veiling the Bride
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Ok, so I guess I got radical for a bit. I've gotten two layouts done in as many days. That hasn't happened in months. :) I'm happy that I've gotten it together that way, but I can tell it's been a while, because the process takes much longer than it used to. Guess my scrapping muscles are weak. lol

I am especially fond of this series of photos because they show Juanita pinning my veil into my hair. It was just such a sweet and special moment, and I was so glad that it was captured so well. I'm finding that, when I sit back and take a look, it feels like it was a different woman who lived that day, someone that looked a bit like me and was so happy. It's exciting to remember the incredible joy of that day.

The big boss man is coming in to town tomorrow to visit with the administrator here. I'm glad I have the day off; I won't have to sit and be polite and wonder what bombshell we'll have to swallow without cursing or acting too terribly upset. All the same, I have my day cut out for me; major house cleaning and clothes washing is in order. Yikes! Wish me luck! :)

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