Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting closer...

Bridal photos
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... to the wedding march (which had nothing to do with Lohengrin, thank heavens!). I really loved all the photos Josiah took of me in my wedding gown, and it was really quite a surprise, because we actually suggested to him that the light in that window might be really nice for photos. :) Of course, the Dove House was lovely all over the place for photographs, but this simple suggestion turned out to be quite fortuitous. It was especially lovely with the colors; I saw the originals in his camera right after he took them, and I can attest that there was little or no retouching for colors needed for any of them. Just happens that way sometimes.

Joe now has a new hobby; he is absolutely fascinated with all things cat. He constantly says "kitty" and will make meow noises non-stop to any audience that seems halfway interested. So, when Mommy turns on her computer, the first request is always for kitty videos. Yes, kitty videos. I now have a favorite list on youtube just of cats. Go figure. I find it particularly amusing since Daniel and his family in general tend to hate cats so much. We'll see how long this phase lasts.

Bonne nuit et belles reves, mes amis!

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