Monday, August 23, 2010


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I am soooo so proud of this layout. I've been working hard to take my time with things and work to make them something that I can be proud to share. Well, this one really stirs me. For one, I rarely (if ever) use black and white photos, but I thought it really fit the theme of this one. Then, I really lucked out in finding the "perfect" kit for this one (the collab freebie "Blossom of Ice" by designers at Digital Créa, one of my fav scrapping places to visit), and then, I saw a template challenge I couldn't resist! Unfortunately, that site has really strict rules about posting things that are not by their designers in their galleries, so I refrained from entering the challenge, but I really, really like the template. Plus, it was a fantastic opportunity to show off the happening photo skills of our fantastic photographer, Josiah Kennedy, who is not only quite talented but also a precocious business entrepreneur. He had not even graduated high school at this point in his career, and he was already funding his college tuition. Sweet! Besides that, I was rather proud of my subtle colors, including recoloring my own skin tone in one photo for contrast. In short, I spent a lot of time and effort on it. :)

In other news, employers are still balking, and Joe is doing more talking. If it weren't for watching my amazing son and his little personality mature, I'd be a bit bummed. Still, it has been nice to stay home more, even if other luxuries are mostly non-existent. We do what we must, and we hope that the fall will bring (with renewed business) more hours and better pay.

Ciao, bellisimi!

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