Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ready, set, walk!

Ready, set, walk!
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One step closer... Every picture I had of Joe when he was eleven months old was of him learning how to walk. Some were better subjects than others; he got some pretty impressive war wounds this month. He didn't seem to mind, though. :) I did this LO for the font challenge at MLAS, and it has elements from the Naughty Little Monster kit by Isabella La Roux and the alpha from Boys Club by Scrappy Kat. It was super fun to do!

Joe is still a little pitiful this evening, but he's doing better. Slowly and surely! I'm just soooo glad he doesn't have that awful fever anymore. On the negative side, though, the dog smells like she rolled in something dead. I am *not* looking forward to that bath. Wish it were warm enough to wash her outside! lol


Jacquie said...

Awesome layout hun ! And just to make your day a little've been RAKed ......

Can you send me an email at so i can return your word art :)

Hugs from me !

Jacquie said...

ooooooo and you are wearing my blinkie :) That is so sweet, thank you bundles !