Monday, March 08, 2010

RAK for Neissa

So, the last challenge I participated in for the MLAS Birthday challenges was the RAK exchange! :)  My original partner apparently had RL intervene in her plans, so the head of the challenge, Neissa, offered to exchange with me. Isn't her son cute? It's actually the coolest story. His kindergarten teacher had them dress as though they were 100 years old on their 100th day of school. I know my kindergarten teacher was cool, but that's just really an awesome idea! :)  He looks so cute in his little overalls, doesn't he?

I was amazed I was able to have time to do much of anything this weekend, really. With my father-in-law's wedding on Saturday, our weekend was filled with family obligations. Joe and I got to see lots of people and play a lot. Cathy's little Joe had a lot of fun helping out my little Joe, even up to helping him on the couch, stopping him from falling backward, and keeping him from heading out the door. It was really cute watching the 3 year old guard the 15 month old. :) After they left, Josh spent lots of time following in Joe's footsteps. I was almost superfluous! Just kidding; it was nice to know that my little guy was safe in all the hubbub. I was probably more comfortable at this family gathering than I have been in a while. Just watch out, family reunion.... here we come! :D

I did offer to make a scrapbook of my father-in-law's wedding. Not to him, of course, but to his new wife, Judy. She seemed really excited. I am now the depository of most of the family's wedding shots, or, at least, the Creekmore family's shots. After looking at them, I'm sure they'll be enough. There are several hundred, after all. lol  I'll be posting those on Facebook as soon as I start getting them organized.

Wow, lots to do! :) Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Brandi said...

The layout looks great!

Glad you enjoyed the weekend -- sometimes those family things can be so overwhelming and stressful!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you had fun at the wedding. I did an album for my niece's wedding in September and it was really fun to make. I have it posted on my facebook page if you want to take a look.!/album.php?aid=111444&id=748094733