Monday, June 19, 2017

Tarot Unfolding: Introduction

Good morning, tarot fans! I don't claim to be an expert, but I have been reading the tarot cards for over two decades, so I've seen a few things even though I've never read for others professionally. That was never really my goal anyway; I was more interested in the personal development and the symbols. Oh, the symbols. I could talk about those all day. :)

Since a couple of you indicated interest in reading what I had to say about how I organize the tarot meanings in my readings, I thought I would "unlock the vault" and pull out what I had written about this subject. I will say, I've not seen anyone else use this sort of organization for the Major Arcana, so while I doubt everything in here is unique, I do think it is unusual. I find it very helpful, so I hope you do, as well.

As for what to do with it, I would hope you would read it, analyse it, see if it's useful for you. Keep a copy for yourself if you want, but please send people here with a link if you want to share. I did write every word of it, so please don't say someone else did.

So, without further ado, here are links to the "introductory" chapters of the book tentatively titled "Tarot Unfolding." Hope you find something useful.

Getting Started
Building Blocks - Numbers
Building Blocks - The Elements

Please don't leave me hanging! If you find something useful or think it's full of hogwash, please let me know. I'm ever refining my interpretations based on what the world sends my way, so I would love your feedback.

Thanks for reading my little book.

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