Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just for fun

I have a *slight* addiction to cheezburger humor sites. Yeah, I started with I Can Has Cheezburger. I love funny cats. But things like Failblog also amuse me. But then again, just about anything can amuse me, if I'm in an amusing mood.

I also have an owl addiction. I collect snowy owls, but I also love just about any kind of owl there is. There's something about the mystery that surrounds them. Besides that, they're just plain cute on many occasions. And yes, I loved owls long before they became popular. It's amusing to me that my younger obsessions are now fashionable. lol

So, combine these two thoughts, and voilá! You get this:

Cute Baby Animals - A Very Fowl Friendship
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And I now share it with you, because everyone needs to have a smile. Especially on a Thursday. Well, especially any old day. Smiles are nice all the time. :)

Oh, and the mourning dove chicks are sleeping in the nest at night and moving around during the day. So at least they're not on the ground near the nest most of the day anymore. There may be hope for them yet! :D

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