Friday, July 21, 2017

Facing the Fours, with the Chariot & Strength

Strength has been a watchword for me this week, as my grandfather passed from his journey on this earth into the journey beyond. I had been stalked a bit lately by this card, but nothing prepares oneself for the message that it has come to pass. My grandfather, JW, was an incredibly interesting and important man who accomplished many things and hid behind a self-deprecating, kind exterior. He taught me how to bird watch as a child, and I still keep an eye out for local songbirds because of him. He & my Grammy supported my love of music in material and important ways, giving me instruments and funding my lessons for piano through most of my childhood. He was sure to come to every recital he could, even my Master's recital. My aunt Gay had to escort him, as he had already gone blind by that time, but he still made sure all my friends felt welcomed and paid for everyone's dinner without making anyone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. In short, he was loving, kind, amazing, and generous, and I love him still, very much. I have missed spending time with you for years, and now, I know that my memories will be all I have. I cherish them as a sign of how cherished I always felt as your granddaughter.

I'm sure others have different associations with the Chariot and Strength. I find them a fascinating pair, and I hope that you will enjoy my take on them and the minor fours.

The Fours - The Chariot, Strength, and the fours of the Minor Arcana

And here is what I posted previously.

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Thank you for following along with this series of interpretations. Next week, we'll visit the Fives, and that's when things really start getting interesting, numerologically speaking, at least to me. ;) I look forward to hearing what you think about this. In the meantime, I wish you happy reading.

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