Thursday, July 13, 2017

Creation in the Threes, with the Hierophant and the Lovers

This has been a crazy two weeks for me, partially because of work and partially because Saturday, July 8 was my 41st birthday. (cue music) I had a really nice and relaxing time for that weekend, but I've been making up for my sloth at work, so I was unable to post the threes when I wanted. (boo, hiss) I'm sad about that, since the 3's are really one of my favorite sets of cards. Is it right to have favorite cards? I don't really know, but the creation energy is something I really enjoy. I may not create quickly, but I do love the creation process. I hope you do, too!

Here are the Threes!

The Threes - The Hierophant, the Lovers, and the threes of the Minor Arcana

And here is what I posted previously.

Getting Started
Building Blocks - Numbers
Building Blocks - Elements

The Fool
The Ones - The Magician, The High Priestess, and ones of Minor Arcana
The Twos - The Empress, the Emperor, twos of Minor Arcana

I hope you are all enjoying these interpretations and finding them useful. What I would really enjoy is if you let me know how you think the pairing of Major Arcana works in these interpretations. Do you find them helpful or no? I think, as we go along to the further numbers, that it will be easier to see if you agree with this system or no. It gets really fascinating with the latter numbers, since the associations are more complex. After all, what do the Devil and the Tower really have in common? What about Death and Temperance/Art? I will be excited to see whether your conclusions match mine... or not. :)

Until next time, happy reading and cards for you and yours!

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