Friday, February 26, 2010

Learnin' learnin' learnin'...

Man, am I having fun with GIMP right now. I just found out something really cool... you can use .abr (Photoshop brushes) files in GIMP, if you know where to put them. Rock on! I did my first layout with some little droplets all over it. So fun! I'm gonna have to look at a lot of layouts and papers to see what works in designs and what doesn't before I feel comfortable with it (I'm not exactly God's gift to the designing world), but I can do it now! Yay! I also have to come up with a system to organize those brushes. Not to fear; I've got something figured out. Should be a breeze. (Famous last words, right? lol)

Last night was really nice at home. Daniel and Joe both went to bed early, so I stayed up and had some me time with the computer. Nice hot shower, no television, no noise, no stress. Ah!!! I think I like this new habit that's forming. An evening ritual to enjoy. Hope it lasts a little while at least.

I've also been having fun with Trillian lately. I finally figured out how to find the emoticons (yes, sometimes I'm slow). My new favorite is the (woot), which makes a cute woohoo noise. Trillian noises make my day. Now, if only I could find that desktop pet I had ten years ago that made the moop sound...

Rock and roll!

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