Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Haircut

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I've been looking forward to doing this little LO. I can't claim the pictures, because I knew I would be busy and called Aunt Jo to document the event. :) She did an amazing job, as you can see. Kylie also helped with filming. We made a good dinner party with it, and Daniel made his famous chicken and cheese enchiladas. Mmmmm.... I think that was the last time we had those. That was too long ago! 7 months is too long to wait for really tasty food like that. lol

Joe and I had a grand adventure today. We went to the zoo with Uncle Jeremy! Jeremy wanted to go so he could get in some practice for his camera class, which was his Valentine's Day gift from his partner. So, we took lots of aperture experiment shots. Plus, I got some great shots of Joe looking at the animals (as well as just Joe and just animals). I'll probably make a layout of some of them for the birthday challenges at MLAS, which kick back up for another round starting tomorrow. Can't wait!

I also saw something I had never seen before today. I saw something on the road, and I thought it was an animal. But when I got close enough to start swerving, I realized someone had tossed their weave into the road. How bizarre is that? Were they taking advantage of the fabulous weather by riding with the windows down, and the wind blew it out? Or did someone just snatch it off someone else's head and just throw it? I mean, the possibilities for humorous possibilities are endless. I'm still entertained just thinking about it.

Ciao for now!

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