Friday, February 11, 2011

Starting a new album

Gosh, I didn't think I'd be done with Joe's Second Year album so quickly, but I am! And I even made a video of the results (that some of you have seen already, so bear with me for the repetition). Daddy loved it especially. ;)

I had to leave out a few pics to be able to fit the timing on the music, but I think it turned out cute anyway. And I was still surprised to see how much difference there was between my scrapping at the beginning of the book and scrapping at the end. I guess that means I'm improving! :P Thank goodness. lol

And in all that, I've started Joe's Third Year Album. Woah! My plan is to catch up with the Third Year album, and while I keep up with it, I can play with my other projects, like my wedding album. I haven't given it any time lately, and I really want to finish that one up sometime soon. And now that I'm learning more about photo editing, I can start using pics other than the professional ones in this album. :)

As for the Third Year album, I've made several pages already, including these:

Ornament Shopping

This one was a lot of fun. Joe was so good while we were ornament shopping! And he got a really big kick out of picking out his special ornament, the one with Mickey Mouse on it. Yeah, he's going through a Mickey phase right now. :P

Sour Puss

It's so rare that I get a sad or mad picture of Joe. For one thing, he's a ham. For another, he never seems to stay sad or mad long (unless he's sick, and then I'm not a camera hog). So I thought it was fun to see him in this one. It's a lot like another layout I did of him, but I just love the sunny colors with that sad face. Makes me smile. :)


Daniel worked so hard on getting this extra special present ready for Joe, I couldn't help be feel like this deserved its own layout. We were together until around 11 pm on Christmas Eve wrapping gifts, but he was the one who stuck it out until the wee hours of the morning. We really thought it was more put together than that! Daddy's rock. :P

Christmas with Nana & Papaw

Of course, we didn't just stay home on Christmas Day... the grandparents would have been upset! We went to Daniel's dad's house first, since he always wants the morning. Joe had a wonderful time! Great company, fun food, and wonderful gifts. A great time for all.

Christmas at Granny's

And, last but not least, I had to go back to pick up this event at Granny's house. She has a Christmas party annually where everyone who's ever been a part of it is invited. This was Joe's second time to attend the party (and Daniel's first). He had even more fun this year than he did last year. It was almost impossible to get him to sit still for a photo, but I got plenty of sweet photos of the other kids. :) The pics were really overexposed, so I'm kind of proud of all the work I put in to process the pics so they would look nice.

As always, I have all my designer info on these in my Flickr album, so be sure to visit it and see where all the talent came from. ;)

I'm still going strong in the Journal in Weight Loss journaling class. This last prompt was pretty tough, but I think I finally slugged it out. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other ladies have to say. And I really need to make another layout for all this! I'll bet I could do something about my new goals...

Until next time, j'éspere que vous êtes très heureux et sûr, mes amis!

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