Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday post for Deeds

I'm not much of an activist. Heck, I'm just not very active, period. lol But I have a cyber friend who is. Her nest of monsters is a groovin' place to be, and she always keeps her eyes open for injustices and people needing help. So if you're like me and want to know more about what's going on in the world of special needs, you should visit her anyway. And if you want to know more about Deeds and his amazing family, please visit today. He's an amazing little boy! And if we can, as a caring world, help him get the autism dog he needs, it will be worth every bit of effort.

I am toodling along in the scrapping. I guess it's because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this task. I'm almost done with this book! :D And because I know dh, aka Football Fiend Daddy, will love this, here is another pic to share with you all.

My Football Hero

I'll have you know, I thought I was done with this layout yesterday evening. Then I showed it to dh, aka Football Fiend Daddy, and he said that he was disappointed that I didn't include that cute pic of Joe "helping" the cheerleader. After all, cheerleaders are a part of football, too. (As if I were arguing that.) And he thought it should be there. Yeah, right about... there. (giggle) Since this is the first time he's taken an interest in editing any of my layouts, how could I refuse? So in she goes. Hope she doesn't mind. :P

The Journey in Weight Loss is going along quite well. I've had some setbacks with an infection that is making me *not* lose weight right now, but I am not discouraged. Check with me later on that one. lol For now, though, I'm just glad that I'm making so many positive changes in my life. Oh, and I've even stopped a couple of times just to say wow to myself. That's pretty amazing in itself. Dh also says that these last two days have been more high energy and feel good for me than he remembers in a long time. That is definitely telling. :)

Keep the faith, my friends! (((hugs)))


Designs By Kelin said...

I got to tell you. You are getting great with ps. Is that what you are using for your extractions. Really is good! I just know the album will be great... are you going to get it printed out?

Sarah said...

Yeah, I'm using ps for the extractions. I'm not so good with the free pen tool, so I just use my dots and it's all good. lol I doubt I'll get to print this one out yet, but I'm hoping.... eventually... :D