Monday, December 20, 2010

Thirty Days Hath September...

... but I took way more pictures than 30, and I'm having trouble catching up!

Trikin' It

When we are home, Joe often plays with the little girls from next door, but I often don't have the camera on hand to catch it. So I was glad I caught a couple for this layout. Too bad I only caught Andy's back in one blurry picture (that didn't make it into the layout, sadly). They really have a lot of fun together, even though both Hannah and Joe have trouble sharing. They're trying to learn, but it's so hard! :D I've got deets on my Flickr page for the kit.


This one was a different story. I had too many pics to choose from, and I was afraid I was going to overload this layout, even if it did have so many slots! Still, I wish I'd had a better one of Jo Ann and Joe together, although those two are sweet. I think Joe was a little young to really get the whole feeling for it, but we all had a good time. It was hard to leave New Orleans after that!

New Orleans

And this layout. Oh, I was so mad at myself when I saw how few pictures I had taken while we were hanging out in New Orleans. I didn't even have one picture of Jo Ann or me! Go figure. Cuteness abounded with Joe, though, so I was happy to make him a nice page. Don't you love how he and Grammy bonded? Just wish I had gotten a picture of the goodbyes between Joe, Grammy, and Gramps! Ah, the pictures not taken. ;)

I am belatedly attempting to finish all the pages for Joe's Second Year book so that I can give out dvd's of it to family. Shucks, I don't think I'm going to make it. I am, however, much further along this year than I was last year, so there's a possibility that I might, someday, catch up. Of course, I only started scrapping last week of November last year, so that could be why the first year scrapbook took further into the next year to make. ;) And some day, I may even finish my wedding album. But I'm not holding my breath on that one... each page seems to take longer than the last, but oh! it's worth the wait! :D

I don't know if I will be blogging again before Christmas. I rather doubt it, actually; I've been rather congested and running behind on, well, everything. My family is coming down from Pennsylvania this week, and I may not even get to see them. That is, I can't visit with certain family members if I have a virus or bacterial infection because their immune systems can't cope with the stress. I am going to be so disappointed if I can't see them, but I'm going to be especially disappointed if Joe doesn't get to see them; he still has trouble remembering them between visits because he's so young, and I want him to know them all. I hope we'll be able to work it out.

In any case, since this is the last time before then, I hope all my Christian friends have a wonderful Christmas, and to those who celebrate other holidays, I hope they are holy indeed. Take care, and blessings for all of you and your families.

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